In My Head - You are you again

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You are you again

A strange old cartoon...

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You are you again - In My Head by Kesakoo

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The little story

After 2 albums with Screen Djeh, KesakoO starts to compose again. In My Head was born in 2016 with the first recording of the track Seal Lullaby. The road continued for 2 years, surrounded by musician who participates in the project. The idea for the name of the album comes from the track In My Head, we hear a voice saying incomprehensible things under an electro groove.


  • Florentain GROS (guitar)
  • Anaïs MAILLA (singing)
  • Victor MAILLARDET (Drums on Seal Lullaby)
  • Ra2z (Slam and French text on Seal Lullaby)
  • Screen Djeh (Tide)
  • Marie Van Den Scheden (Cello on Seal Lullaby)
  • Yvon BETEX (English text on Seal Lullaby)

Other information

  • Mix : Romain Dupont @ Tomato Sound Factory, Montpellier
  • Mastering : Frederic Maury @ Tomato Sound Factory, Montpellier
  • Video shots : Rémi PETIT
  • Album cover : Karolina KLIMEK